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Challenges studying abroad

What i have learned about this topic is that it can be both interesting and challenging at the same time to study abroad. Some of these challenges I have read what people are dealing with when studying abroad doesn’t sound that tempting to me to think about studying abroad. I’m not a extrovert so its hard for me to believe the courage some have to leave their home country to study, i have all my respect for them. So travelling abroad is a bad idea for me.

Education for girls and women


Education is globally acknowledged as the most powerful means of empowering girls and women and protecting them from the violation of their human rights. Investing in girls and womens education can change their way of life in a society and in the world. This is important for a sustainable change in the world, for everyone. Women and girls gain a greater knowledge, self-confidence and capabilities, improving their own life prospects – and, in turn, an educated woman provides better nutrition, health care, and education for her family.

Still today there are millions of girls and women across the world that live in poverty and are unable to get their right to get a education. Studies have shown that girls and women with an education have their own freedom to control their own economy and their social choices. There is a lot more positive outcome for education of girls and women that can improve the worlds state that is right now. Like for example: sexually transmitted disease slows, to deter overpopulation, more awaresness to future generation and so on…

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